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Coca-Cola had recently launched a new app to support the introduction of their Freestyle machines.

​Our challenge was to drive awareness of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines amongst a millennial audience and encourage downloads of the Freestyle app.


We created a 2-day pop-up event situated in the a busy and bustling heart of Soho to encourage interaction, sampling, and social sharing. Prior to the experience, a PR event was held featuring key influencers, bloggers, press and talent to trial the consumer experience exclusively. Social sharing was encouraged through the branded hashtag #acedthetaste.

​Our energetic street team informed and directed key demographic passers-by to our shop - where the consumer became the mixologist - while encouraging app download prior to entrance. Upon arrival at the ‘World of Choice’ store, the team greeted and showed people the Freestyle machines, while letting them know about the different ways they can find the perfect mix while at the event.

​Consumers were encouraged to make their own mixes or scan their pre-made ones via the app. The photo station was a stand-out feature in the shop: consumers received a branded polaroid keepsake of their experience once posted to Instagram with the hashtag #acedthetaste. The upstairs floor led consumers to the bar area for the chance to take part in a blind tasting challenge, where consumers had to guess what was in the mix.

​For those feeling really adventurous they could spin the roulette wheel of brands and varieties, which left the ingredients of the mix down to pure chance.


360 people were recorded to have entered the event over the course of the 2 days, with 45% of those in the 16 – 25 age category as part of our target demographic.

​Due to the shop capacity, there was an average queue time of 5 minutes over both days..

​Many consumers reacted positively to being able to create their own mix before arriving at the machine, with up to 55% estimated to have already downloaded the app prior to arriving at the shop.

​​Additionally, 30% downloaded the app while having fun in the shop.


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