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A fantastic way of engaging an audience with your message, sampling is also the most effective way to get people trying your products.

​Food tasting in Aisle 9, giveaways at Gatwick, department store demos - whatever you need, BrandWarriors' demonstration and sampling staff turn tryers into buyers.

​Extremely popular with the general public - who doesn't love a freebee?! - sampling isn't simple; it's a science. Done right, it can drive incredible sales, brand advocacy, and engagement. We plan and deliver product sampling campaigns through: End-to-end campaign management - covering all aspects (such as site planning, logistics, fulfilment, and execution) for in-store, experiential, PR drops, and guerrilla sampling.

​Our bespoke app - enabling us to monitor, analyse, and feedback live to make on-the-job amends, for maximum impact during and post-activity.

​Our own sampling calculator - providing key insights alongside our past experience of what works to ensure consistent delivery of results, fast and on target.

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