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With over 3,500 BrandWarriors across the UK and the world, you're guaranteed the perfect staff for your event. Rigorous recruitment processes, retaining only the best of the bunch, ensures you get the right BrandWarrior for the role. Our bespoke technology: their expert authority. Your event success.

Obviously, you want reliable promotional staff. That’s a given. At Tribe, we don’t just provide you with event staffing who turn up on time with a smile on their faces, though. That’s nice, but it’s not enough.

We give you experiential marketing staff. And that brings a whole different meaning to ‘reliable’.

After several rounds of recruitment for promotional staff, we bring on board experts in their fields. Our BrandWarriors speak with authority on the campaigns they’re representing. They know what they’re talking about. So they’re well-placed to ask and answer questions that will engage consumers in meaningful, impactful ways.

Speaking of well-placed, we don’t just have a few. We’ve over 3,500 nationwide and globally. So wherever you are, and whatever your needs, we’ll be able to provide absolutely the right people for the job.

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