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Have you tried these ways to boost attendance at your brand’s promo events?

The task of selling as many tickets as possible for a promo or brand event – such as a product launch, conference, sampling event, pop-up experience, or something else entirely – can be more than stressful.

However, the process could be worth all that stress if it helps your brand attract a follower base that will benefit your bottom line long after the event itself is a mere memory.

So, let’s take a look at just some of the ways in which you can tempt more of your brand’s target customers to make dates in their calendars to come to your upcoming pr

omo event.

Secure a sponsor for a mutually beneficial partnership

Attracting a sponsor or two can be a powerful move for helping to get more relevant people knowing about and showing an interest in your brand event.

Your choice of sponsor, though, does have to be the right one. In particular, the sponsor should ideally be one that would have its own reasons for being highly committed to the success of your event – and of course, the sponsor’s brand should complement yours inste

ad of being a competitor.

Above all else, any sponsorship agreement that you enter should be one that is likely to deliver mutual benefit, so that everyone involved has reason to be motivated to make it a success.

Arrange a one-off publicity stunt

Not everyone has an immediately positive association with the no

tion of a public relations, or ‘PR’ stunt – indeed, for some, the very term is associated with a certain level of cynicism.

But that is only one way to look at a PR stunt, and the negative perceptions that some people have with such occurrences tend to arise in relation to publicity stunts that have been badly executed.

The great news is that it’s perfectly possible for a brand to arrange a publicity stunt that delivers the positive benefits a PR stunt can have – in terms of turning heads and getting people talking – while minimising the risks that arise with organising one.

If, in trying to attract attention to your looming promo event, you feel the need to be a bit bolder and brasher than your brand would normally be, but fear making a wrong move that you end up regretting for years, please feel free to talk to our own BrandWarriors.

When you do, we can discuss your ideas and thoughts on a potential publicity stunt with you, and consider how we can work alongside you to execute a PR stunt that is well-planned for the right impact.

Empower your speakers and partners to get involved in the event promotion

Of course, if your event is one that is set to feature certain

speakers, sponsors, and partners, you might expect them to play their part in drawing attention to your event anyway.

After all, many such individuals and organisations will have well-established follower bases of their own, and they may well proactively inform those audiences – such as on their Facebook and Twitter accounts – of their participation in your brand’s upcoming event.

Still, you can always help the process along further by providing those speakers, partners, and/or sponsors with some publicity blurb you came up with earlier, and that they could easily share via their social media channels with minimal modification.

If you do take this approach, don’t forget to provide a tracked registration link to the given person or organisation before they share that blurb publicly; it will enable you to see exactly where those new people snapping up your event tickets have come from.

Hire the specialist staff who will give your promo event that ‘razzamatazz’

In the words of that Quincy Jones song from back in the day: “We can make it better with a little bit of razzamatazz”.

But actually, applying such a line to the question of whether to hire certain specialist staff for your event – by which we mean such professionals as singers, dancers, promotional models, mixologists, or even graffiti artists – could be a little misleading. It might give the impression that such staff would represent a mere “finishing touch” to an already fully organised event, rather than people who will play a fundamental role in making your next brand event a magnet for visitors.

So, you will need to think carefully about the potential relevance of certain specialist or entertainment staff for your event, as they will need to fit in well with your event’s broader aesthetic and ‘vibe’, and not seem like a mere afterthought.

Still, if you are thinking about the profound part that such staff could play in making your next brand event a triumph, this could be just one more thing that our BrandWarriors assist you with. As a complete promotional marketing agency, we’re well-placed to help match the ideal people to the preferences and requirements you have for your brand event – with wonderful results.

Give us a call now, on 020 7702 3600, or send us an email, and we will talk through with you the ways in which we could work together.


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