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What are the key ingredients of an impactful product launch event?

It might seem obvious enough what a product launch is “for”, and therefore needs to consist of: maximum focus on the product that is to be launched, in order to inspire interest, enquiries, and sales.

But of course, a successful product launch is never solely about the showcased product in question. And in any case, you will not want to spend many months and years refin

ing every aspect of your brand’s latest product offering, only for a poorly judged and executed launch to hinder your ability to make the product a success.

So, for today’s article here at BrandWarriors, we thought we would take a closer look at some of the things that make a great product launch a great product launch.

A compelling and relevant theme

Isn’t the actual product its own theme? Well, not quite; coming up with the right overarching theme for the product launch will help tie the product itself to the factors that have led to this product existing and being so necessary.

The “theme” could be something to do with a specific time of year, a particular pain point your target customers may have, or what you hope your customers will achieve as a result of your product’s use – for example, heightened productivity or better all-round health.

A strong theme represents a sturdy foundation for your entire product launch event, informing the many decisions you make from this stage forward.

The most suitable venue

One of the reasons we referenced the event theme first, is because this could then greatly guide you in relation to your venue choice for your product launch event.

Hopefully, the process of thinking about your event so far will have already left you with a solid sense of what kind of theme and venue would represent the perfect match for your product and audience.

If, for instance, the product you will be launching is one for which you wish to convey modernity and cutting-edge sophistication, a contemporary art gallery may represent a more befitting backdrop for the launch than a 19th-century heritage venue.

Having said all of that, some brands looking to hold a product launch might deliberately play with contrasts across various elements of their promotional event. Regardless, the key is to think carefully about these aspects of your product launch event, and to be sure of your reasons for certain decisions that you make.

And of course, it isn’t just the aesthetics of your event venue to which you will need to give some thought, but also the practical aspects, such as equipment and location.

Some brands may be especially eager to attract professionals and journalists from across the country and even the world – in which case, conveniently located and well-developed transport connections will be a must.

The people who will help make the event memorable

In today’s world in which many of us have become so accustomed to a large proportion of our contact with brands and products being through remote and digital interfaces, it can be easy to overlook one of the main sources of appeal for in-person events: the “person” component.

And we aren’t just talking here about interaction between attendees; the staff that you hire for your product launch event will need to be among the best of the best.

After all, a product launch is a vital touchpoint for those who might conceivably buy from or do business with your brand in the future. So, every aspect of the in-person experience needs to portray your organisation in the most favourable light.

With our own in-depth knowhow and experience in relation to bespoke recruitment for events here at Tribe

, we are the agency that can deliver your brand the benefit of people who have “been there and done it” across a variety of promotional events – and to brilliant effect.

Whether you are seeking out the tech staff, exhibition staff, customisation staff, promotional models, event caterers, mixologists, or others who will be instrumental in elevating your brand’s next product launch from “good” to “great”, our own database of specialist personnel can help make all the difference.

Not for nothing are we known as Tribe – we have fighting spirit, and we only work with others who have the very same. So, when you value and prioritise providing your audiences with the most memorable and impactful brand experiences, there’s no need for you to look further than our highly capable team for your upcoming event or project.


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