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The modular event stand that we created for Amazon – what it could do for your brand activation?

We frequently speak here at Tribe about the importance of partnership in what we do and, when it comes to potential brands with which to partner, there are very few as mighty as Amazon, who we have been proud to represent for more than five years to date.

Our work alongside the multinational online shopping and technology giant has seen the delivery of all manner of compelling experiential campaigns and related solutions.

However, one especially memorable example of our involvement with Amazon was our conceptualisation, design, a construction of a versatile event stand and kit. This modular, dynamic structure was conceived with the intention that it would be used by a variety of brands under the banner of Treasure Truck, which was Amazon’s events and marketing arm.

The experiences delivered through Amazon Treasure Truck were ones to remember

The idea behind Treasure Truck was to provide an online service enabling Amazon subscribers to discover and take advantage of hand-picked product offers, as well as the opportunity to attend free events. Our modular stand very much supported these aims; it could be split into different sections incorporating different elements and experiential touch-points, in accordance with the requirements of the represented brands.

The stand went on to be used predominantly for indoor, shopping-centre-focused events, but also sometimes in outdoor high-footfall city locations during the summer and autumn.

Brands ranging from LEGO® and OnePlus to Moët Hennessy’s Ardbeg whiskey brand helped make possible captivating experiences through the stand’s use. Such experiences to date have included the likes of several pop-up trial and purchase bars, a living wall digital treasure hunt, a Halloween-themed GIF booth, a VR demonstration and sales tour, and a Christmas gifting interactive display.

And guess what? Your brand could be the next to elevate its impact and presence among all the right people by drawing upon the benefits of this rentable, highly adaptable, and fully equipped structure.

Turning brand dreams into reality

If you are looking to drive heightened visibility for your brand and with it, improved sales through memorable and brand-relevant activations, our modular stand could be an ideal solution.

Once set up in the desired environment, the stand will be eye-catching and project a premium look that flaunts the best things about your brand, while also being genuinely engaging for audiences. In short, it will serve as a complete ready-to-go “experience” space, customisable in a multitude of different ways to help transform your brilliant brand activation campaign ideas into reality.

The combination of the main aluminium stand structure with such other components as a 55” screen totem, 65” TVs, display retail shelves, display retail plinths, reception desks and a front and back bar, will save your brand from having to invest in expensive production from scratch.

Tribe can help ensure your brand makes all the right impacts

There is a lot that your brand could achieve when you partner with a promotional agency that has an excellent track record as an end-to-end provider of experiential and events solutions like this one.

If you would like to download the lookbook on this campaign please don’t hesitate to contact us at to learn more about how our versatile modular stands could provide an important platform for the success of your own next brand activation.


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